What we aim?

The dissemination and practice of volunteerism of golf:

  • Cooperate with agencies and national and international associations.
  • Organize campaigns to disseminate the values ​​of the Association.
  • Carry out recruitment and selection process of volunteers.
  • Provide training volunteers.
  • Organize Tournaments among our Volunteers at “Low cost”

Offering both professional players, amateurs, public and tournament organizers:

  • Volunteers with training and knowledge of the work to be done, worthy of the tournaments we attend.
  • Persons responsible for a large commitment of participation, in order to avoid lack of cooperation before and during tournaments.

In the big tournaments we want:

  • Public players, organizers, sponsors, etc … have the attention they deserve.

And volunteers, we:

  • Planning a good task allocation, coordination in the delivery of equipment, tickets, etc.. and proper care in their jobs and shifts.



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