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Fourteen high profile professionals make up the Pro Team Spain 2012

Help the elite golfers in his early years in the professional field

PHOTO (sign RFEG / Luis Corralo)

Fourteen high profile professional golfers, some of them very successful actors in the various Circuits despite his obvious youth, integrate the Pro Team Spain 2012, an initiative of the RFEG, in collaboration with the Regional Federations, which seeks to training and support to elite golfers in his early years in the professional field.

The list of golfers selected by the Committee of Professional RFEG includes, in the men, Jorge Campillo, Jordi Garcia del Moral, Jordi Garcia Pinto, Borja Etchart, Pedro Oriol, Jesus Legarrea-all selected to the Pro Team Spain 2011 – and new additions Hortal Antonio, Ignacio Elvira and Gerard Piris.

Moreover, in the female category, are part of the Pro Team Spain Belen Mozo 2012, Maria Hernandez, Carlota Ciganda, Adriana Zwanck-already involved in 2011 – and, new this year, Mireia Prat.

In all, a uniform group of golfers, all characterized by an outstanding career, featuring in 2012 with assistance to facilitate their transition from the amateur stage and enables a faster incorporation to the major professional tours.

The fourteen selected professional golfers receive payments under the Pro Team Spain after signing an agreement in which they agree to cooperate with the RFEG (and if the Autonomous Federation to support them) in different initiatives. The external name of the group is “Pro Team Spain 2012”.

Gonzaga Escauraiza, president of the RFEG, was “delighted to host many players who have been so much time highlighting outstanding amateur stage. For me is very special to meet boys and girls with whom I’ve met in my time as captain of the National Teams. I have seen them grow and develop as golfers and now I see them as top professionals, one of the main purposes for which it is designed this program. “

Jaime Salaverri, chairman of the Technical Committee RFEG Professionals, said he was “very happy to see how the Pro Team Spain will gradually increase. I was involved in creating the project four years ago and this is growing. At first they were few and every time we try to help more golfers to realize their dreams. We have served a need that existed in our course for the transition from amateurism to professionalism easier. “

Meanwhile, Ignacio Gervás, Technical Director Deportivo RFEG, explained the details of the program and specified that the aid received by players includes three main areas: “economic, technical and on invitations. It is our way to make things easier in a time of many ups and downs, in which the player is forming. We try to be at his side. Our ultimate goal is to have the most players among the 100 best in the world. “

Jordi Garcia del Moral, Jorge Campillo and Carlota Ciganda 12 players represented the Spain Pro Team members present at the National Golf Centre. The Spaniard, now in its third year in the program, said “it is essential to have a help to take off in the professional field, and that is what gives the RFEG. We are grateful and we will try to return that trust with dedication and effort. “

Jorge Campillo, who last weekend was the second in a race on the European Tour in India, said “there are players that without the help of this program had been designed to make the leap to professionalism, which highlights its importance for young . We have formed by the Federation and it is very gratifying that that relationship is extended in the early years more complicated for us. “

Finally, Carlota Ciganda, which was released this year on the Ladies European Tour, also had words of gratitude to the RFEG for your attention throughout his career both amateur and professional. “Thanks for everything over the years. Attempt to do a good season and do good to this program to return some of what we have at this stage of training. “

All members of the Pro Team Spain 2012 will benefit from a program that provides support of an economic-based Circuit-who play regularly, training, technical evaluation by TPI, trainers, templates plantar arrangements by agreement with Footbed, etc-and management-tournament invitations, finding sponsors. They may also use the future of the Golf Centre of Excellence will be located in the practice area of ​​the National Center, an exemplary facility that is at the forefront of world golf.

It should be noted that, in return for economic and technical assistance provided, the selected players undertake, among other things, to devote several days to initiatives RFEG (proams, concentrations of amateur teams, etc.) and, in the future, to participate in the Open of Spain if their duties permit.

Azahara Munoz, designated ‘Rookie of the Year’ in the American Women’s Circuit at the time, built into the Pro Team Spain 2010 and vital in the success of the European team in the latest edition of the Solheim Cup, is an example of sport projection from its formation from the base in a program this year among its members with golfers, and self-if Jorge Campillo, Carlota Ciganda, Belen Mozo, Maria Hernandez, etc.-are getting very good results in the various Circuits Professionals.



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