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Azahara Munoz, Spanish professional golfer, said his presence in the ProAm IV Maria Garcia-Estrada Memorial

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Supports cancer research at Abama 13 and January 14.

Azahara Muñoz, along with other renowned Spanish professional players and players who regularly participate in the European Tour will start in 2012 to support cancer research after securing their participation in the IV ProAm Memorial María García-Estrada, to be held at Abama Golf in the municipality of Guía de Isora Tenerife on 13 and 14 January.

Azahara Muñoz is the Spanish professional player of greater importance today, ranks 24 of the Circuit Earnings Ranking American and ranked 39 in world ranking thanks to its good results repeated throughout 2011.

In addition, Azahara Munoz had a most outstanding performance in the last edition of the Solheim Cup, providing the turning point for the European team was the victory rises to the U.S. squad.

Earlier, after a brilliant amateur stage, Azahara Muñoz won the Madrid Masters in 2009 in his first tournament as a professional golfer, and in 2010 won the American Women’s Circuit card, being named rookie of the year ‘that year.

Although Munoz did not match Azahara Maria Garcia-Estrada in amateur national teams, both share some of the titles that adorn their CVs. So, Maria Garcia-Estrada won the Championship of Spain Youngsters and Under-18 European Championship Team in 1993 and 1998, while Azahara Munoz did in 1999 and 2002, respectively.

Organized by Fundación María García-Estrada, the Memorial came following the death of Maria Garcia-Estrada on September 3, 2005 due to sarcoma, a cancer against the aggressive character who fought tirelessly for the last six months of life.

Regular component of the national teams of golf during the nineties, when he amassed a brilliant sporting achievements that made since its inception in a lot of promise in the sport, Maria Garcia-Estrada was a human example for all sports and those who knowledge, being honored, posthumously, the Medal of Merit from the Royal Golf Spanish Golf Federation.

Thanks to this ProAm will be possible to continue the work undertaken by Maria Garcia-Estrada Foundation in the fight against sarcomas, one of the few institutions worldwide that makes possible the investigation of this rare type of sarcoma pathology, only 1 % of all cancers, for which no public funds are allocated.

This time the collection of IV ProAm Memorial María García-Estradawill go to finance part of the fifth line, “Study of PARP inhibitors as a treatment for Ewing sarcoma: preclinical study” the Foundation launched in January in 2012 by the researcher Dr. Enrique de Álava.

This IV ProAm meet about 40 teams of professional and three amateurs who played a tournament on the 14th of January on scramble mode, one of the main events of a series of actions among which various exhibitions by leading golfers national and international, as well as a charity dinner at the Hotel Abama.


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