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Incorporated Association, registered in Ministry of Interior – Associations – Non-Profit, Group 1, Section 1, No. Nacional 597694, enlisted in the Economy Ministry of Finance with the NIF G-86224706, registered the domain as www.voluntariosdegolf.com, website operation, embodied in the header logo and once signed.

We want to get from the first stage, a database that comes close to 1,000 volunteers, 0.3% of the licenses of existing courses throughout Spain, to increase gradually and thus provide a sufficient number of volunteers organizers Grands Prix to be held in Spain, focussing on admission to events and participation in them, living near the village of the tournament with an advantage for the club where it is held.

If you are interested in contacting us, already starting the E-Mail notify info@voluntariosdegolf.com name, e-mail and phone, or fill out the registration form web: www.voluntariosdelgolf.com.

We aspire to participate in major golf events, for your and our satisfaction, get discounts on green fees, golf shops, hotels, restaurants. and if possible to point transfers.

Will volunteer training courses, golf professionals who will teach practiced in amateur events where we can use the golf lessons learned and apply them in subsequent professional tournaments.

We also want to get done, after the big event, a tournament volunteer awards, gifts, etc.. and in another area, if feasible, enhance competition between volunteers from different areas to interact and get to know, achieving the union of the great family of Volunteers Golf.

These and some more are the activities designed by – AVG – always with your invaluable help and we will be informing you on the web.



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